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What is an Escape Game ?

One room

You will have to decipher all the puzzles in order to complete your mission. Use only your logic and observation skills, no external knowledge is necessary.

One team

Assemble your team of experts for a real-life cooperative puzzle game where communication is key. Accompanied children and teams of minors above 12 are welcome.

One hour

You have 60 minutes to complete your mission. Be quick, organized and attentive. Will you get out in time ?

Our Scenarios

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Lab equipement

The Secret Lab

A mad scientist has engineered a new compound said to be able to control people's minds. We have located his laboratory, and need you to steal a sample for investigation. Be quick, you only have a small time window before he returns...

Time machine

The Time Machine

We built a time machine, but we can't get it to work properly. We need you to find the proper parameters and prevent a complete time stop ! Can you master time travel and fix the machine before it's too late ?

Time machine

The White Rabbit's Lair

There is a door in Lambda Escape building leading to a strange place where everyone seems mad. We recently saw a white rabbit escape hastily. Will you be able to figure out what is going on in this place without going crazy ?

Stay tuned for more scenarios soon !

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